gumx: meta #04: moving, again!

Remaking The Site, Again!

This is a quick update.

I think I’m making some progress here and I wanna try to make things a bit more permanent and accessible. Also I have a couple of writing projects that I wish to include here. So, I’ve decided to re{make,structure,write,move} this site. I’m still not sure what tools I will be using as I’ve been playing around with Nushell, mdBook, Python and Rust, but I’ve made a structure for the new repository.
├─ .build:              <the main build program>
│  ├─ ignore            <list of files ignored by the build program>
│  └─                   <other build scripts and output files>
├─ .git:                <git stuff>
├─ .vscode:             <vscode stuff, included in .gitignore>
│  └─ settings.json
├─ blog:                <usual writings and blog posts>
├─ book:                <geek supreme project - new project #1>
├─ code:                <x code project - new project #2>
├─ list:                <pages that list stuff>
├─ show:                <presentations and infographics>
├─ .build.yml           < build manifest>
├─ .gitignore           <list of files ignored by git>
├─ LICENSE              <license legalcode>
├─            <repository description and the content of homepage>
└─ style.css            <website style>

New Projects

Both of the new projects are basically me learning new stuff. For context: I was planning to persue more post graduate studies in my field (electronics engineering) but past me fooling around in college shot current me’s dreams down. Now my options in formal degrees are limited to management and adjacent fields, which isn’t that bad because it’ll boost my career anyway. But I still have the knack for technical knowledge, and I’ll do that by self-study.

The first project (current codename: geek supreme) is me revising and studying more about electronics engineering and embedded systems. I will post my study notes, references, courses materials and projects in a book format. And, maybe, put this material to good use in the hub.

The other project (current codename: x code, I’ll definitely change this) is me revising and learning programming in Julia, Python, Rust, C, C++, Go, Bash, and JavaScript (still not sure about this one). I’ll try to do all of them in parallel by solving problems from sites like Project Euler and LeetCode.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep posting updates about the newnew build system here untill I make sure everything works, then I’ll move everything there. Till next time :)