gumx: hello, world!


This is my 13th attempt to regularly write and maintain a blog. I change my internet name almost every year. So, the hope is to stick with this one long enough to actually blog.

I will also try to things differently this time. Of course, I will try to make my own static site generator, blogging platform or something like that. But I won’t wait till I make it to write anything. In fact, I’ll start by writing about why this blog thing looks this way.

I am a sucker for minimalism. I love how this, this, and this look. And I would like my site to be better than the best motherfucking website.

Quick digression: I almost went down the rabbit hole while getting the best mf website link because I really liked how it looked and wanted to steal its CSS. So, yeah, that’s how my brain fucks with me.

Also, in the spirit of minimalism and not to rewrite how the wheel was invented, instead of listing reasons why one should try to self-host their blog, or why we all should embrace web minimalism, I’ll link to the words of cool people who, in my opinion, wrote it better than I would ever do:

This is it for now. Stay safe. Don’t do drugs or JavaScript.